Jasmine Bridal reaffirms territory protections, no Internet selling position

Reaction from retailers to Jasmine Bridal’s announced strategy of competitive pricing, territorial protection, and trendy, unique styling has been very positive, according to Jasmine marketing manager Nikki Barr, reinforcing its decision to address market issues faced by bridal retailers primarily in the bridesmaid category.

Citing years of market research that has long forecasted declining in-store maids sales and increasing on line sales, Jasmine has identified what it sees as three main culprits: look alike styling that enables department stores and chain stores to take a growing percentage of the business; manufacturers’ on-line selling direct; and the retail price of the dresses.

“Over the years, we have seen our retailers experiencing many different challenges,” said Barr. “First was national chain bridal stores, then Internet sales which opened the door to discounting and design pirating, and now we have manufacturers selling to chain bridal stores, department stores, online sites and direct to consumer.” 

A central component of Jasmine’s strategy: to clearly and unequivocally refuse to sell its maids, or other Jasmine collections, on-line or direct.

“For over 31 years, Jasmine has maintained our vision and reputation for not allowing online sales through independent websites, national chains, department stores, as well as not selling our consumers directly,” added Barr. “We have always believed selling online is a very bad decision and very detrimental for the long run of the industry, and can result in more of our retailers giving up on these important departments which in turn further weakens their business.”

In addition, Jasmine is incorporating unique and creative new looks to all of its product categories with promotional pricing, an effort partially focused on Belsoie, B2 maids and Jade Mothers to help stores better compete in these categories.

For bridal, Jasmine is incorporating hot trends such as long illusion trains, body hugging silhouettes, and inspired details. For maids, the look is pattern and texture in monochromatic color schemes, and for Mothers, more glamour, longer trains, and upgraded fabrics.

All Jasmine collections offer trade term discounts, sample promotions, and rebate credits developed to support a 3x wholesale mark up, yet still retain competitive pricing..

For additional details on these and other Jasmine Bridal programs, call 800-634-0224, and visit www.JasmineBridals.com.

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