In Defense of Twitter

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd so perhaps it should come as no surprise that my favorite social-media site is Twitter.
    Yes, that Twitter – the struggling microblogging site whose dismal earnings and declining user growth continue to disappoint investors, and that many analysts have written off as “all but dead.”
    It may have its problems, but to me, Twitter is more enjoyable, more authentic and more informative than any other social-media site.  It’s where I go for breaking news (and it often scoops mainstream outlets BTW), to chat with companies (T-Mobile, State Farm and Ace Hardware are just a few that have responded), and unedited, raw reaction to things (sooo entertaining, informative and admittedly a bit addicting). It’s also where I’ve built up the bulk of my followers and the first and often only site I check on a daily basis.
    Granted, there’s often a distinction between what one desires personally and what is best for business. In endorsing Twitter, I’m not suggesting that you abandon other social-media sites that work for your bridal salon, nor am I suggesting Twitter is the most effective way to reach brides. I’m simply pointing out that Twitter has some often-overlooked key benefits when used correctly.
    One big one is the ability to reach media. Statistics show that the majority of verified Twitter accounts – and a significant percentage of non-verified accounts – are journalists. These are the people who have the power to bring attention and free advertising to your bridal salon, and Twitter is a very effective way to connect with them and build relationships. For more on this, see pg. 76. And please make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@VOWSeditor).
    On another note, the industry survey we published in Nov/Dec 2016 told us a lot about the types of stories you’d like to see in VOWS. Selling and social-media topped that list, but hot on their heels was an in-depth piece on understanding millennial behavior so you can better sell and manage them. For that reason, our anchor piece for the New Year, “Who Are The Millennials?,” dives deep into this topic and provides 17 key insights (pg. 54). I am excited for you to read it.

    Next, speaking of writers, I’d like to welcome two new ones to the VOWS family.
    Joe Dysart is a Manhattan-based business journalist with 20+ years experience. Joe’s work has appeared in 40+ publications, including the New York Times & Financial Times of London. Joe’s first VOWS story details an important change Google is making this year that could impact your salon’s search engine rankings (see pg. 94).
    Mike Hurd graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Communications, and has been working in television and media in various capacities for the past 12 years as both a writer and live TV producer. An avid traveler and outdoorsman, Mike also enjoys spending his free time getting lost on the mountain trails near his home in Denver with his dog and a pair of running shoes.

    Finally, welcome to 2017! From all of us at VOWS, we’re excited for our best year yet!

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