Immediate Resource offers Priority Orders program

    The Immediate Resource in Dallas launched a Priority Ordering program of notifying stores about hot new arrivals of off-price gowns.

Buyers receive a Preview announcement by e-mail at 4:30pm the day before the gowns are available to order. They assemble their wish list orders to quickly discuss and confirm with their sales reps. Orders are pulled at 11 the next morning before the gowns are rolled to the showroom floor.

The Priority Orders go directly to Shipping for packing and are first out the door to UPS. “Priority Orders are offered on new arrivals and three-day flash,” explained Richard Byrd Jessup, president.

“With the most popular styles, colors and sizes of prom and bridal, demand is fierce. This service eliminates the age-old competition among sales reps to pull gowns as they roll to the floor, as the Priority Orders are filled based on the date/hour received. A buyer who gets her order to her rep quickly gets priority on filling her order.”

For additional information on this and other The Immediate Resource Programs, contact Dana Milner, Sales Manager, at 800-966-5517 or visit

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